4 Reasons for you to Combine your Telecoms and IT Support

As the world of telecoms and IT support become more relevant in day-to-day business, companies are starting to understand the benefits of combining these two vital aspects of their business.

With the world having gone back to normal, it might be tempting to think your business is prepared to handle the worst. The systems you’ve put in place may work now, but what if the world changes again?

By combining your telecoms and IT support, you can benefit from a rigid communications and support system that will be there for you, whatever happens.

Here’s why we think this is a good idea for your business.

Lower combined pricing

Why pay for two support desks when you can have one? You’ll still be able to benefit from expertise in both telecoms and IT, but you’ll only be paying for the single service.

Even a small saving each month will quickly add up and could make a big difference to your finances in the long run.

Single point of contact

Streamlined support means you’ve got one team who understand both your telecoms and IT, with the capability to quickly resolve any issues. There’s no crossed wires or long wait times.

Staff will be able to correlate problems and have a record of your systems, as well as build up a professional working relationship that extends to both telecoms and IT.

Expertise in both sectors

With the adaptation of Office 365 amongst thousands of offices in the UK, the integration of telecoms and IT is already happening at a lightning pace.

Plenty of companies will be able to provide advice from both angles, but a smaller percentage will be able to offer absolute solutions thanks to a wide ranging skill set. We are proud to provide just that.

International platform – local support

With the use of Microsoft Teams, you’re guaranteed a first class experience from a tech giant. But, by partnering with a local support team, you can have the best of both worlds.

Utilising technology and ensuring your business is operating at full capacity is the job of both a telecoms company and your IT support desk. By combining the two, your life gets easier.

Heard enough?

We think there are plenty of reasons to consider combining your telecoms and IT support. If you’re looking to reduce waiting times for support and partner with a company that does both, we’d love to hear from you.

Our office is available to contact on 01794 339339 or you can drop us an email here.