Top 5 reasons to use a managed service provider (MSP)

Telecoms and IT support are natural partners. With an increased reliance on technology in our day-to-day, businesses are beginning to consider if having separate telecoms and IT providers actually makes sense.

Integrating these two vital elements of your business may seem like a big step. But in reality, your business stands to benefit immediately from making the step to work with a managed service provider.

Your telecoms and your IT support keep your business working at its best, no matter where or when. After such a turbulent time for businesses, having a communications infrastructure that is reliable and versatile should be a priority for your business.

Here’s what an MSP can do for your business.

What is a managed service provider (MSP)?

Managed service providers are tech specialists that allow businesses to outsource everything to do with their network, IT, telecoms and much more.

They keep businesses running at top-speed and let business owners relax knowing their technology is safe, operational and optimised for their business.

(Psst – if it wasn’t obvious – ElemenTel are the best managed service provider around.)

5 ways you’ll benefit from using a managed service provider (MSP)

Single point of contact

Less crossed wires and endless ticket cycles. Your team can benefit from a dedicated member of staff that understand and know your business’ systems inside and out.

With a simpler chain of command, it’ll be easy to call your managed service provider and get the answers to questions involving anything technical they’re in charge of.

Expertise in both sectors

As providers of solutions in telecoms and IT support, we offer the highest level of expertise and support possible.

Plus, with better knowledge of your organisations systems, our local support teams can offer bespoke advice and answers that are specific to your business, not just from the handbook.

Immediate cost savings

Combining services means you’ll make a cost-saving overnight. You’ll only have to rely on one company for full support, meaning a reduced monthly cost and better, integrated service too.

International platform – local support

With modern systems, you’ll have access to new technology that is being used internationally. That doesn’t mean that you have to settle for international support, however.

For example, if you’re using our Microsoft Teams business phone system, you’ll benefit from Microsoft’s industry-leading technology but support directly from someone who knows your business and your people.

Better cyber security

In a world with increased threats in cyberspace, it pays to be safe. A managed service provider can connect your systems to ensure you’ve got maximum protection from harm across all domains.

ElemenTel are currently offering a free cyber security check for all customers, new and old. Talk to us if you’re interested in learning more.

Ringing any bells?

You’ve got your IT support sorted. It’s not great, but they do eventually help after you’ve phoned them five times and logged lots of tickets.

You’ve got your trusty old telecoms system. Yes, it hardly works. Yes, it’s pretty outdated. But it does let you phone other people in the office. When it’s working, that is.

If you’re considering working with an MSP, then now is the time to change that. They’ll be able to provide modern solutions that will step your business’ communications up a gear.

It’s time you spoke to ElemenTel

Whatever the future holds for your business, a great managed services provider should be a part of it.

If you’re interested in upgrading your communications, saving money and getting better customer service, we can make it happen. Talk to an expert today by giving us a call on 01794 339339 or emailing our team at