Back To Work Strategy. COVID-19 Business Recovery

COVID-19 has changed how you live. It’s changed how you interact with others. It’s even changed the way you work.

Businesses around the globe have forcefully adapted to strict new ways of working, with many individuals remotely undertaking their usual working duties. It remains to be seen if we have seen the back of this destructive pandemic. However, with many countries beginning to ease lockdown measures, it would seem a return to work is on the horizon for many businesses. Amid a worldwide crisis, it can be overwhelming trying to plan out the safest way to get your business back to normality. Fortunately, there is a plethora of guidance out there, and ElemenTel​ are here to help your business put the best foot forward when considering a back to work strategy.

What is the guidance for returning to work?

Like you, we are constantly bombarded with a stream of information and advice, regarding COVID-19 working strategies. With so many solutions on the market, it can be hard to know which way to turn. With our extensive experience in the communications sector, we want to offer your business the best advice in deciding which technology is most suitable in supporting your workforce.

The UK government have published a 32-page article, outlining how businesses can safely return to work. 32 pages is a bit of a heavy read, so here’s the lowdown.

Communication is key

Drastically reduced physical contact has not been easy by any means. Daily catchups with your colleagues are now instant chat messages. Weekly meetings with your department have become video calls. It’s vital to decide well in advance which system you will use to uphold business communications. Test it and communicate this to employees and clients as soon as you can. Make sure you’re able to get enough training in how to use these systems, before rolling them out.

The official government objective regarding meetings when returning to work is ‘to reduce transmission due to face-to-face meetings and maintain social distancing in meetings, using remote working tools to avoid in-person meetings.’ This objective means your business needs to have the technology in place, permitting meetings internally and externally without the need for physical contact. The Wildix solution, from ElemenTel, allows you to do just that!

Directly from either a Wildix handset, web browser, mobile smartphone or tablet, Wildix will enable you to pilot video conferences, internally and or externally, all with ease providing you have an internet connection​.

If you are suffering from information overload or need a few pointers to help your business adapt to the latest government guidance, please contact ElemenTel​ on either​ or call us 0330 024 8998.