Best Technology for Working Remotely

What’s the Best Technology for Working Remotely?

There is no denying that times are tough and your business needs to be prepared with the best technology for working remotely. ElemenTel has put together this useful guide, to help your business understand what remote working solutions are available and how to access the best technology for working remotely.

Around the globe, countries are scaling up efforts to combat the ever-growing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. We face a period of great uncertainty where extreme preventative measures are being ramped up daily to help protect our planet. The social and personal implications of the pandemic are extreme. For businesses, it’s a matter of survival.

Your business needs to supply your employees with the best technology for working remotely. What remote working solutions are there? What is the best technology for working remotely?

Remote Working Solutions

Communication is a core function of any business and ElemenTel can help out in these troubled times with our remote working solutions. We provide some of the best technology for working remotely so your staff and customers can stay connected to your business and are proud to provide a remote working solution which allows your business to adapt and be agile.

Staying Connected when Working Remotely

The Wildix remote phone system we provide is the best technology for working remotely. Here are a few of the ways it can provide your business with a leading remote working solution.

  • An entirely browser-based system, Wildix Collaboration app enables you to communicate with anybody via web-browser or app on PC, mobile or tablet.
  • Can be deployed remotely, we can implement this system without the need to come into your working premises during self-isolation periods.
  • One number for all your staff, your customers can contact your entire remote workforce on one number, no matter their location.
  • Up to​ 3 months free line rental​ / ​equipment rental, to help ease the financial pressure we are all under, during these unprecedented times.

We have put together a useful 5 Step Guide for transitioning to a Remote Working Setup. To find out more and to begin your transition the best technology for working remotely, please contact Elementel on either or 0330 024 8998.