The biggest problem with business phone systems – and how you can fix it.

You’ve got a business phone system. It’s been doing its job for a long time. But it’s never been able to do anything more than the basics.

Maybe you’ve heard from a client or a friend about what their phone system can do for them. They’re talking about tracking calls, video calls, and automated transfers that mean their customers are always happy.

FOMO sets in. You’re wondering what your business is missing out on. Whether your customers could be even happier, and your staff too.

With one simple change to your business phone systems, that is achievable. And it’s much easier than you might think.

Problems you may be suffering from right now

In the middle of an important phone call, you’re stuck with a dodgy line. The person on the other end can’t quite hear you. They’re missing the most important part of the conversation and you’re none the wiser. There goes a potential new contract.

You’re out of the office and they call back to give you their answer to your proposal. The phone keeps ringing. Ringing. Ringing even more. They’re left with no one to talk to and you’re, again, none the wiser that they’ve tried to talk to you.

Your team is based at the office, working from home and some are even out on the road. How can they be expected to keep in touch when they’re relying on an old mobile, an ever-refreshing inbox, and notes in five different notebooks.

Microsoft Teams Phone System: The problem solver

Enter, the Microsoft Teams Phone System.

Rising in popularity throughout COVID-19, Microsoft Teams may harbour memories of lockdown pub quizzes and family catchups. But as part of an integrated business phone system, it’s a vital tool for businesses all over the world, unlocking unparalleled productivity and efficiency.

Using the latest technology, but benefiting from constant software updates, Teams provide cutting-edge communications technology. Our service allows you to partner this with trusted, reliable hardware and personal, local support.

What’re the benefits for your business?

Your business will start reaping the rewards of your new business phone system overnight.

Using a cloud-based solution means your business phone system can be accessed whenever and wherever. With a mobile and tablet app, your team can be connected, whether they’re in the office, on the road, or working from home.

Say goodbye to lost messages and voicemails that never get heard. By using a digital system, you can rely on wi-fi connections to give you crystal clear calls, access advanced call tracking metrics and even record important calls.

Our packages are priced competitively and, pairing Teams packages with our desk phone systems, companies are often able to save money on their current phone costs.

Ready to talk to an expert?

Wherever your team is, they can rely on Microsoft’s world-leading technology partnered with Elementel’s first-class customer service. Based locally and truly 24/7.

If you’re itching to see what a real business phone system can do, talk to us today.