Business Cloud Phone System – The Wildix Way

In recent years cloud technology has made its presence well-known, helping to pioneer the digital landscape as we know it today. Rewind a couple of decades and ‘the cloud’ was just a source of potential rain, which we have become so used to in the UK.

Just as the UK has become accustomed to questionable weather, the digital landscape has also grown a strong affinity with cloud technology and computing. The concept of cloud technology can seem daunting. But it’s merely a way of storing and accessing your data over the internet opposed to traditional storage methods, such as your computer’s hard drive.

What does ‘cloud’ mean in terms of telephony we hear you ask? Well, cloud technology has completely transformed the telecommunications game, thanks to the cloud phone system.

How does a business cloud phone system work?

Business cloud phone systems allow you to make calls over the internet, just as you would with a traditional phone system. Business cloud phone systems use something called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to do this. They connect to data centres around the country, where the server and processing of the calls is done. Business cloud phone systems work by breaking down your voice input into tiny data packets. Packets are then sent over the internet to the other person on the call. Cloud business phone systems utilise a cloud-hosted Private Branch Exchange (more commonly referred to as a PBX), to route all phone calls. Cloud-hosted phone systems allow internal communication to different handsets within the business while also allowing external calls to customers and clients.

Although this all sounds rather complicated, cloud phone systems are genuinely the most easy-to-use telephone system on the market, especially when combined with the functionality of the Wildix solution.

Why choose a business cloud phone system?

Business cloud phone systems offer many advantages over a typical telecoms system. We will outline a few of the critical benefits of a business cloud phone system versus a traditional telecoms set-up.

Mobility and Easy Use

Workplaces in the modern day are becoming increasingly mobile. There is a greater need for business to have the capability to operate from multiple locations. With the Wildix business cloud phone system, employees have full access to all communication features via the Wildix collaboration app. The Wildix collaboration app can be accessed from any location, given the PC, mobile or tablet is connected to the internet.

Flexibility and Scalability

Successful businesses grow. It’s inevitable. You need to make sure that you have a phone system which matches your businesses requirements as employees come and go. With a Wildix business cloud phone system, you can add as many (or as little) handset extensions as you need. Unlike a traditional telecoms set-up, businesses only pay for the extensions they need, making cloud-based phone systems perfect for scaling your business.

Unrivalled Functionality

The Wildix business cloud phone system offers unrivalled functionality at an affordable price. The Wildix business cloud phone system features a highly secure connection while offering amazing functions, such as the ability to conduct video conference calls from within your Wildix handset. With full internet access from your handset, there is unlimited potential as to what you can do from your Wildix handset.

ElemenTel’s business cloud phone systems have already helped many businesses realise the full potential of their telecoms set-up. To find out more, please contact Elementel on either or 0330 024 8998.