Call Recording Phone Systems – What is Call Recording & How Can It Help Your Business?

Back in 2017, the experts at ​Microsoft reported that 96% of people agree that customer service is a crucial factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand​. That’s a pretty convincing majority if you ask me, and this percentage would’ve only have increased over the last few years…

As I’m sure you are aware, a loyal customer base makes up the core foundation of any successful business. What are the best tools to help you fine-tune how your business delivers customer service? Well, a call recording phone system is a great place to start. But how can a call recording phone system benefit your business? Let’s find out.

What is a Call Recording Phone System?

Call recording phone systems; no prizes for guessing what these are all about. For those of you who aren’t so sure, call recording phone systems are essentially phone systems that automatically record all inbound, outbound, internal and external calls made within your business. All recorded calls are then easily accessed via a secure cloud database for playback at your discretion. Simple, right? You might think so, but not all call recording systems are created equally.

In practice, if it takes twenty minutes to download a call recording in a file format you can’t open, it’s not very helpful, is it? It’s also less then ideal if call recordings from more than two days ago have to be deleted to save space. Our system gives you clear, compressed MP3s that can be saved for as long as you need, or backed up externally, in a simple-to-use searchable list – so it’s easy to find that call from Steve’s line at 3:00 pm last Wednesday…

Not only is call recording an insanely useful feature to help improve customer service, but it is a legal requirement for some companies. ​Those regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are obliged to record calls in certain situations.

So enough of the logistics, let’s look at how call recording can help your business.

‘For Training & Quality Purposes’ – Sound Familiar?

This call will be recorded for training and quality purposes ​-​ I​ bet that at some point before, you’ve heard this classic line. I’d be surprised if this isn’t the case! Anyway, to comply with GDPR legislation, you must let your customer know that the call is being recorded, which is why we always hear this message. It makes sense, right?

One of the main benefits of a call recording phone system is that it gives you the ability to precisely train new staff members and fine-tune your team’s customer service. With access to a complete database of calls made within your business, you can use successful examples to help educate new staff members. When things do go south, and a team member has a bad call, you have full access to everything which was said to help them work out how things could go more smoothly in the future. This is just one reason why a call recording phone system is a must-have in 2021 and beyond.

Never Miss Any Details with Call Recording Phone Systems

So not only do call recording phone systems aid with training your team but recording the conversation ensures you never miss any details from the call. Sometimes, hearing the correct information can be a matter of life or death. This may sound dramatic, but those working within the medical or care industries understand the importance of having all information crystal-clear on the phone.

Call Recording for Medical Practices

To amplify how critical call recording is, we thought it would be a good idea to put things into context.

A vulnerable elderly person calls into your medical practice with an urgent request for a prescription. The caller lives in an area with terrible signal, and you struggle to make out their request for which specific medication they need. This might cause a severe issue for a medical practice without call recording, as there is no way to listen back to the call and confirm exactly which medication the caller requested. Medical practices with a call recording phone system can easily access and playback the call to ensure the correct information has been given. Furthermore, the call handler can forward this recording to a Doctor or Nurse as evidence of support or medical advice administered.

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