Futureproofing your business with Microsoft Teams Unified Communications

An unstable world is often a dangerous thing for businesses. Projections become skewed, planning becomes much less reliable and your staff are uncertain of what may come next.

Thousands of businesses across the UK will have experienced this first hand with COVID, and will now be investing time in further contingency planning for the coming months and years.

Workplaces are one of the subjects under discussion. Your staff may be back in the office, continuing from their home offices or requesting a new flexible working pattern.

But whatever the future looks like for your workplace; communication is the key to stability and success.

And your future workplace deserves the future of communications.

What is Microsoft Teams Unified Communications?

Microsoft Teams unified communications systems mean your staff can keep in touch, whenever and wherever. The integrated systems are built with the user in mind, with an emphasis on simplicity and reliability.

By combining traditional telecoms and modern technology (Microsoft Teams phone system), your business benefits from a unified communications system. Calls can be made internally, externally and worldwide from the same software, featuring advanced call logging, re-routing and recording capability.

You can also integrate your existing address book and CRM system to provide a single platform that monitors and simplifies all communications inside and outside of your business.

New office set up? Make keeping in touch easier than ever

Businesses are rethinking office space after the pandemic. Whatever your office structure, your business will benefit from Microsoft Teams unified communications.

Working from home

Your communications become even more vital when your team are separated. When distance means you can’t have your morning meeting as usual – bringing your team together needs to be a priority. From the small things to the big decisions, your business needs a system you can rely on.

The Teams Calling unified communications system keeps everything simple and provides an easy-to-use interface for your workforce. Track calendar events, phone calls and video meetings all within one platform and allow your staff to easily communicate throughout the day.

Flexible working

If your time is being spent between the office, at home and on the road – it can be hard to keep track. Post-it notes left on the computer screen at work won’t be accessible from home.

The mobility feature is yet another benefit of Microsoft Teams unified communications. Fully optimised for desktop and mobile, you can expect high-quality communications infrastructure that goes with you wherever you may be working.

Back to the office

Reverting to full office hours for your staff may feel like a return to normality. But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that businesses need to prepare for any eventuality.

Upgrading your communications system means one less worry as your team slowly come back to the office. By transitioning to a system that utilises advanced technology, you can set your office up for success and communicate better than ever before.

Futureproof your communications with simplified systems and get back to business as usual.

Ready to ditch the desk phone?

If you’re in the process of changing your working patterns and need a communications platform that you can rely on, we are here to help.

If you aren’t already using a unified communication system, our team would love to help you explore the options available for your business, including the new Operator Connect technology.

We provide bespoke solutions and packages built for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and at a more affordable price than Microsoft’s own plans. Contact our team today.