Hotel Phone Systems from Wildix

Our cloud hotel phone systems grow and adapt to your hotel’s needs, whether you have three or three hundred rooms.

Searching for a new phone system for your hotel? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a feature-rich hotel phone system without the extortionate monthly bills and lengthy contracts? Enter ElemenTel; our Wildix phone systems offer the perfect solution for hotels all across the United Kingdom.

Working on a hotel front desk is never easy. It’s a manic Monday morning; you’ve got a queue at the reception desk, a team member has just called in sick, and now the phone starts to ring.

You’re busy serving customers and nobody is available to answer the phone. Traditionally, this would result in a missed call and potential lost revenue. 85% of people with unanswered calls won’t call you again, but most likely call one of your competitors.

With ElemenTel’s hotel telephone system, we think you can change that. With the call logging and routing feature provided as standard with our Wildix hotel phone systems, you can make sure you will NEVER lose out on a missed call again.

After a certain time, we can divert your calls to other extensions, either on or off premises, so you could use a simple answering service to ease the pressure. What’s more, every call to the hotel will be logged and easily accessible via the web interface, meaning you can make sure nothing slips through the net.

An alert can be sent via email or mobile notifying you of any missed calls. Voicemails have the option to be transcribed and sent straight to your phone, saving you time on listening to messages.

Furthermore, hotels can benefit from Computer Telephony Integration, more commonly known as CTI. Why would you keep your computer and hotel phone systems separate when they can do so much more for your business together?

Wouldn’t it be great to instantly know your customers’ names when they call in, showing them an exceptional level of personal service? Our hotel telephone systems include CTI as standard. As soon as a call is received customers details can immediately appear on your computer screen, previous bookings, notes and more. This allows you to offer a personalised service, greeting customers by their names when they phone in to make a booking. When you combine CTI with Database Integration, another feature of our hotel phone systems, you can deliver the kind of service you would expect from the Ritz.

Database Integration does do what it says on the tin. It allows you to integrate all the information you have on file for a given customer with your hotel phone system. 59% of customers prefer to call a business simply because they want a quick answer, so why not give it to them? When a customer calls in to try and book a room for the night, with Database Integration you are instantly able to access all information you have for that particular customer. A favourite room they always like to reserve? Maybe they always request a late check-out? Perhaps they just love room service at exactly 8:05 am? Thanks to CTI and Database Integration this is all information that is readily available to you as soon as the phone rings, not just improving your service but increasing call-handling efficiency too.

What makes our hotel phone systems a cut above the rest is the usability and adaptability of our systems. All the complicated jargon and endless features can be quite overwhelming, but our team can help to show you the way.

Our Wildix hotel phone systems are agile, so whether it’s a call for the reservations or the restaurant, you can easily get the customer the answer they need. Our large touchscreen displays are very user-friendly and easy-to-navigate which gives you more time to focus on your business.

What’s more, our simple to use app makes it easy for your team to use all the of the features of the system, wherever you happen to be, directly from your smartphone. You can find colleagues in the company address book and streamline your hotel’s communication all from the app on your smartphone.

This is all just the start. If you want to find out more about any of these features, give our expert team a call on 01794 339 339 and we can bring you a simpler, smarter Hotel phone system, as well as a lower monthly bill.