The truth on how business phone systems can help boost your productivity

It’s no secret that productivity is vital for the success of your business. Sometimes there are bottlenecks or circumstances that are out of your control.

But what if there was a simple way you could improve the efficiency of your communications and the productivity of your team?

We’ve got good news. A business phone system can help create greater synergy within your team, wherever they’re based, remove the stress of poor quality calls and keep your team working at their best.

What is a business phone system?

The business phone system is a fully integrated, all-in-one solution for keeping your staff connected at all times. With clients or staff internally, externally and all over the globe, you can rely on first-class technology that will allow for reliable calling, no excuses.

Whilst many companies are still using traditional desk phones, COVID made many realise they need a more rigid communications system that is future-proofed and ready for any contingency. Our business phone systems provide just that – and so much more.

Do you recognise these problems?

Maybe you’ve missed a call from an unknown number. Was it the client you were waiting to hear back from? You’re not sure. That call goes unanswered and you’ve been unable to help a valued client.

You’re on an important call and the signal has dropped out. Then begins the back and forth of voicemails, calls and missed calls – until you agree to reschedule, to the annoyance of both parties.

Picture a desk covered in notebooks and post-its. Important contact numbers, client details and notes strewn all over the place. The cleaners pop in and remove some of them to help you out – causing a massive headache the next morning when you realise that was the ONLY copy.

These are all problems people with traditional phone systems face in their offices. But with a business phone system that is feature-rich and optimised for the way your business works, they can be a thing of the past.

Key benefits that will impact your productivity

Work from anywhere

Our world is still a little topsy turvy. By investing in a business phone system, you can have a communications platform that works for you, whatever your office set up. Our calling system is available over mobile, desktop and tablet, integrating seamlessly across each platform.

Whether your team are working from home, on the road or still in the office, you can all rely on one system and be assured of high-quality service whenever you need it.

Less time chasing, more time servicing

By reducing unnecessary admin, your team can stay focused for longer. With information available at their fingertips, they can log calls, track calls, divert and communicate with other team members at the click of a button.

You’ll quickly notice how much more efficient your team can be by making small time savings with every call. A faster and more reliable business phone system means that clients get a better service and staff spend less time worrying about tech.

VOIP calling

By using VOIP (voice over IP), you’ll be making calls from your wi-fi connection rather than a traditional signal. This allows for a more flexible system that isn’t susceptible to poor signal, especially if you’ve got staff working from home.

You’ll still be contactable from landline numbers, but your connection will be via a wireless (or wired) network. So no more dropped calls or missed messages – you’ll be there for your clients and team whenever they need you.

CRM integration

If connected to your company’s CRM system, you can have a greater understanding of your communications than ever before. Our systems boast advanced call logging, tracking and recording, meaning your staff can keep track of client comms and record vital information rather than making notes that risk getting lost or forgotten.

You’ll be able to link a phonebook and know who is calling before you pick up the phone, saving new contacts after they’ve called and transferring clients to other team members with ease.

Increase productivity and work better with Elementel

Upgrading to a modern business phone system can allow for all of the advantages above, plus we can fit a system that has extra features that suit the requirements of your business.

Talk to us today to bring your communications up to date, with first-class technology and local support that goes the distance.