Leased lines: what you need to know

Leased lines for businesses are not new – but they are powerful and have plenty of benefits that will impact your business every day.

It can be hard to navigate the world of technology. With so many options available for your business, what should you choose to get the most for your money?

We’re here to explain the benefits of a leased line and help you decide whether it’s the perfect option to take your business comms to the next level, or whether it’s necessary at all.

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a dedicated data connection for your business. Leased relates to the connection that is rented by the Internet Service Provider directly to a business. The result? A service that is head and shoulders above your traditional broadband provider.

The technology is the same as a fibre optic cable however a leased line is unique to your business, so your connection to the ISP is your own and not shared with thousands of other users.

Faster speeds

You’ll benefit from dedicated speeds thanks to your business’ private connection. The bandwidth you purchase is for your use only, and no one else. As a result, the speeds you’re advertised, and often don’t achieve, will be much closer to what you actually get.

Faster speeds mean quicker uploads and downloads, alongside more responsive cloud-based activity and, most importantly, better connection on those vital Microsoft Teams calls.


With a leased line connection, your upload and download speeds are mirrored. Your home Wi-Fi, along with millions of other users, will prioritise download speeds. Whilst this works for many, it’s not always what businesses want.

This is especially important if your business works from cloud-based IT solutions, like the ones Elementel provide. You can upload data to your cloud-based applications faster, send larger emails or documents without waiting, answer VoIP phone calls and rely on video conference calls always working.

More reliable

The reliability of their line is vital for businesses. It helps business owners stop worrying about their emails going down and their phone systems being disrupted. We install new lines with new cables and equipment, meaning everything is up-to-date and fresh out of the box.

Your line is monitored for problems and outages by our team of experts around the clock, meaning that in the unlikely event you have downtime – it won’t be for long. We will fix any issues as a matter of absolute urgency.

Does my business need a leased line?

Leased lines, understandably, are more expensive than other alternatives. But the benefits of having a personal line are huge. Your investment will provide a more reliable line that aids productivity, efficiency and prioritises the speed at which your team can work.

They aren’t suitable for every business. But that’s why it’s important to talk to an expert who can understand the needs of your business and offer an informed perspective on whether a leased line is right for you.

Considering your options?

It’s Elementel’s priority to work closely with clients and understand their IT infrastructure. This means we know exactly where your business is winning and where it could be doing more.

We can determine whether a leased line is the most cost-effective option and, if necessary, work with customers to provide alternatives that will get them what they need.

Whether it’s a question or an enquiry, our team are ready and waiting to help your business achieve better communications and a higher level of IT support. Talk to us now.