Microsoft UCaaS: Breaking the mould in Unified Communications

Unified communications have been becoming more commonplace in offices over the past decade. But with the arrival of new technology as well as the situation brought about by COVID, that growth has skyrocketed.

The astonishing rise of the Microsoft Teams phone system over 2020 was partially through necessity. However, more and more businesses are switching to Microsoft’s UCaaS systems to take advantage of the feature-rich, reliable systems which have kept businesses trading this past year.

The rise of Microsoft UCaaS

Microsoft has been responsible for helping the world become more connected. Not only have they been at the forefront of digital technology and its evolution, but they’ve worked to make it accessible for a large percentage of the population.

Microsoft UCaaS has been their latest venture – and it’s been working extraordinarily well. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, ‘Microsoft Teams is on its way to becoming a digital platform as significant as the internet browser or a computer operating system.’

Becoming the fastest growing app in Microsoft’s history, Teams calling has become the new way to work for over 115 million daily users. Instrumental in keeping the hearts of businesses beating, wherever the staff may be, the software has found its way into the offices of even the most technophobic companies.

Microsoft UCaaS continues to dominate the unified communication field, and new features are proof they plan to hold the #1 spot in the years to come.

What’s behind the recent success?

The digital revolution has seen businesses invest in their communications and update aged systems, allowing their staff to benefit from the latest technology in the workplace.

Microsoft UCaaS applications have combined the need for unified communications with a reputable brand name.

Whilst the traditional office has seen upheaval, Microsoft Teams has been responsible for hosting vital communication within small teams, national management teams and even remote global workforces.

By focusing on a fully integrated communications platform, Microsoft has provided a versatile and user-driven service that has changed the way staff, businesses and people communicate.

Not using Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft UCaaS has seen heavy investment, and their Teams application has been responsible for keeping businesses communicating over the past 18 months.

If you aren’t already using a unified communication system, our team would love to help you explore the options available for your business, including the new Operator Connect technology.

We provide bespoke solutions and packages built for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and at a more affordable price than Microsoft’s own plans. Contact our team today.