Operator Connect – What’s It All About?

Heard about Operator Connect? No? You are not alone. Read on below and find out more about how Microsoft has made their latest advance into the telecoms industry.

What is Operator Connect?

Introduced at the Microsoft Ignite 2021 annual conference, Operator Connect is a gamechanger for how businesses utilise Microsoft telephony. From the horse’s mouth, Operator Connect is a new way for customers to simply and quickly enable PSTN calling for Teams, using services from non-Microsoft telephony operators. Operator Connect removes the traditional difficulties associated with enabling PSTN for business phone systems, meaning companies can leverage the benefits of Teams Calling headache-free.

Confused? Don’t be! Essentially, Operator Connect makes it a lot easier for companies to utilise Teams as part of their business phone system.

A quick word on Teams…

With Microsoft teams being one of the most popular platforms for keeping businesses connected, it’s not surprising to see how quickly the platform’s popularity has grown. On March 11th 2020, Teams recorded 32 million daily active users. Fast forward, just over a year, to April 27th 2021, and Teams registered 145 million daily active users – that’s some pretty insane growth! Many companies have relied on Microsoft Teams to keep it ‘business as usual’ whilst remote working, and I think it’s fair to say that the numbers back this up.

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Benefits of Teams Calling & Operator Connect

Okay, so now you have a bit of a better understanding of how Operator Connect works, let’s explore some of the benefits of utilising this.

Stick with your existing operator

So let’s say you want to modernise your phone system to leverage the benefits of Team Calling for your business. Rather than having to buy yourself out of a pricey contract with your current provider, Operator Connect allows you to migrate to a Microsoft Teams phone system without the hassle and cost of switching providers.

Easy to deploy

Setting up a new phone system for your business is not typically considered a straightforward process. Operator Connect changes this. Without any prior telecoms knowledge, you can connect your Teams phone system to your operator and assign all of your staff a number in minutes. The best part? All of this is actionable from the Teams Admin Center.

Unrivalled support

With Operator Connect, approved operators provide enterprise-level support with shared service level agreements. If anything ever does go south, you can count on expert technical support to help get to the bottom of an issue the moment it arises.

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