Phone Systems for Care Homes

This year has been a difficult one for all parts of society, but there is no doubt that care homes have seen some of the worst of what COVID-19 is capable of. Within these care homes however, have been incredible staff members who have continued to work and support the most vulnerable service users in the midst of a global pandemic.

Alongside a passion for care, technology has played a pivotal part in ensuring these homes are able to function, whilst offering a way to communicate important messages to staff, service users and the wider community too.

If you’re a care home operator looking to focus on what is most important, without having to worry about your technology; we can help.

Communication is key in a crisis

We know that a telephone system shouldn’t be high on your list of priorities at a time like this. So don’t let it be. If you have a functional and reliable care home phone system, you won’t have to give it a second thought. Instead, you can rest assured knowing whenever you have to make an inbound or outbound call of the utmost importance, you will have the technology to do so.

Advanced call logging, contact storage banks and mobile connectivity; these features allow you to implement your new technology at all corners of your site, which link up with one another flawlessly. No more post it notes or missed calls.

Call recording for your care home phone system

Within our care home phone systems, we offer the call recording feature which can be invaluable in the fast paced world of care. It will automatically record all inbound and outbound calls, offering you the option to instantly access your call recording once you have hung up. This is fully compliant with GDPR, too.

If you have a particularly important call or complex subject matter you need to discuss, you can use this feature to ensure you have got all of the information within the call completely correct, for the benefit of all concerned parties.

Instant information and database integration

Integrating your computer and phone system (CTI – computer telephony integration) means your team will immediately be able to know who is calling, and reel off details from your computer system about service users, prior conversations and anything else you may need to share on short notice.

As well as reducing waiting times on calls, this integration helps improve efficiency and reduce errors within conversation. You can diagnose and solve issues your caller may have, pointing them in the right direction for the department or person they need, or offer the answer yourself from your service user’s file on your computer.

Reliable, trustworthy technology is an important part of allowing you to offer the attention your service users deserve. If you want to find out more about how we can simplify your care home phone system and lower your monthly costs too, call our team on 01794 339 339.

We rely on Teams Calling for reliability and flexibility in our communications.

If you’d like to talk to us about how our Microsoft Teams Phone Systems can help you and your business, you can contact us today.