Phone System for Manufacturers – What’s the Best Option?

What is the best phone system for manufacturers? With the financial repercussions of COVID-19 taking effect around the globe, you need to make sure your telecoms set-up is giving you top value. The Wildix phone system for manufacturers can not only reduce your monthly costs but also offers you unrivalled functionality, can’t say fairer than that, right?

Call Recording for Manufacturers

Call recording is one of the most useful features of a phone system for manufacturers. But what is call recording, and how can it benefit your business? Yes, we know it’s pretty self-explanatory but call recording automatically records all inbound and outbound calls to your business, while being completely GDPR compliant. Upon termination of the call, the recording will be sent straight to your inbox, instantly ready for access.

Benefits of Call Recording for Manufacturers

The best phone system for manufacturers must have call recording for the following reasons:

  1. Use as confirmation of orders placed over the phone. Rather than making mistakes writing down an order manually, use the call recording to confirm a customers exact order and then send it to them as evidence.
  2. Supports in the training of staff on the phone. Call recording can fine-tune your team’s customer service as it gives you the ability to listen back to your staff’s calls and perfect how they interact with your customers. 
  3. Help resolve disagreements which may have stemmed from a bad call. Call recording gives you the power to listen back to calls which might not have gone so well. You can work out precisely what was said and how best to resolve the problem. 

CTI & Data Integration for Manufacturers 

CTI and data-integration may sound a bit confusing, but in reality, they are an essential feature of any phone system for manufacturers.


CTI stands for computer telephony integration. A bit of a mouthful we know, but the concept is simple. Why keep your phone and computer apart when they can do so much more together?

With CTI, the moment a call is received, the customer’s details will immediately appear on your computer screen. CTI allows you to offer a personalised service, greeting customers by their names when they phone in. When you combine CTI with Database Integration, another feature of our phone system for manufacturers, you can deliver the kind of service you would expect from the Ritz.

Database Integration

Database Integration does what it says on the tin. It allows you to integrate all the information you have on file for a given customer with your business phone system. 59% of customers prefer to call a business simply because they want a quick answer, so why not give it to them?

When a regular customer, Jonny, calls into your towel rail manufacturing business, wouldn’t it show a high level of service if you knew what his order was before he even picked up the phone? Thanks to database integration, this is entirely possible. When Jonny calls in, the details of his monthly towel rail order immediately come up on your computer so you can quickly answer his query. Not only does this improve your level of customer service but also boosts call-handling efficiency. What’s not to love?

Don’t Just Take Our Word…

It’s all well and good us telling you all of this, but it’s what’s most important is that we already have a plethora of different manufacturing companies using our Wildix phone systems. Here is what one of our recent customers (Nick from Empress Towel Rails) had to say about his experience with ElemenTel:

“Thanks to ElemenTel, your engineer Darren was the happiest engineer I have ever met!! After he installed our new telephone system he explained everything so we could understand it easily, we now not only have a great system but we know how to use it. The changeover from our old system to the new one was virtually seamless and overall we are really pleased with everything”

This is just the start. If you want to find out more about these features or many more, please contact us. Give our expert team a call on 01794 339 339, and we can bring you a smarter phone system, as well as a lower monthly bill.

Man welding metal, order from a phone system for manufacturers.