Restaurant Phone Systems – What’s the Best Option?

If you are reading this, it’s fair to assume that you are looking for a new phone system for your restaurant. With the endless options on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to put together this short guide to help you find the best restaurant phone system.

  • Coherent Comms = Raving Reviews
  • How Can a Restaurant Phone System Help You?
  • Call Logging for Restaurants 
  • Call Recording for Restaurants

Coherent Comms = Raving Reviews

If you have ever worked in a restaurant, you should know the importance of coherent communication. When communication breaks down, so does your service. You always need to be communicating at a high level with your customers and colleagues alike.

The best phone system for restaurants can revolutionise how your business operates, from the first contact point with customers. Sound good, right?

How Can a Restuarant Phone System Help You?

With lockdown restrictions slowly easing across the UK, the hospitality industry is preparing for a barrage of calls from eager restaurant-goers, who have been deprived of their favourite eateries for months. 

Many restaurants have already adapted to social distancing measures by offering a takeaway service with a reduced menu, causing a surge in demand on restaurant phone systems. 

With another recession looming, your restaurant needs to be maximising all potential business. Your restaurant phone system can’t be costing your business money. It’s as simple as that. 

Call Logging for Restaurants

We’ve all been there. You’re running a hectic dinner service, and two of your team have already phoned in sick. In the deep end? For sure. But against the odds, you are just about holding it together, taking all orders correctly, getting food out hot and making sure everybody is leaving happy.

You are in the middle of taking a large order for a table, and the phone rings. Who’s getting to that call? You can’t as you are busy serving customers. Sam, your head waiter, can’t as he is busy running starters to hungry customers. And your kitchen team are inundated with orders and can’t make the call either. How are you going to get back to that potential customer?

85% of people with unanswered calls won’t try again, and with voicemails being a thing of the past, it’s likely they would try a different restaurant. Your restaurant phone system can’t be costing you money, and it’s a simple solution – call logging.

Call logging is a must-have feature for all restaurant phone systems and comes as standard with the Wildix solution. Every single inbound call to your restaurant will be logged, with the option to call back at the click of a button. So when you eventually get a minute free, you can get back in touch with every single missed enquiry, demonstrating an excellent level of customer service while also retaining potential customers.

Call Recording for Restaurants

Training your team is never easy. From the first point of contact, you need to impress customers. Even just one sub-par phone call can lead to a bad review online, tarnishing your restaurant’s reputation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could listen back to your teams’ calls and improve their customer service? With call recording, which is completely GDPR compliant, you can listen to all inbound and outbound calls, allowing you to fine-tune your already excellent customer service.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Restaurant phone systems from Wildix have a whole host of different features which can transform communications for your restaurant.

Get in contact with our expert team on 01794 339 339, and we can bring you a simpler, smarter restaurant phone system, as well as a lower monthly bill.

Restaurant phone system being used.