Six reasons to switch from G Suite to Microsoft 365

Now, you’ve probably heard us talking about the power of Microsoft 365 before now. That’s because we’re adamant that it’s the best option on the market for organisations, big and small.

If you’re using G Suite and you’re considering the switch, this blog is here to help you make an informed choice. Whilst both Google and Microsoft preside over fantastic software and hardware, there are many reasons that you may want to move towards Microsoft from your existing platform.

Here are six reasons to think about switching from G suite to Microsoft 365.

A business-focused service

Users of both Google’s G Suite and Microsoft 365 increased massively over the past few years, partially thanks to the pandemic but also a switch to cloud-based solutions that were already underway.

Whilst G Suite is accessible to everyone, that’s also part of the issue. It’s not driven towards business owners or organisations. Microsoft 365 provides specific packages and features that are wholly focused on workers with automations, integrations and time-saving measures in abundance. The value of your time is high, so every little helps!

Advanced security infrastructure

Cyber security is (rightly) becoming a bigger part of the conversation for businesses and individuals all over the globe. We are all at risk of cybercrime, so it’s important to know that you’re working on a system that’s proven to protect users.

Microsoft Defender is integrated to secure your company’s important data and user information. Multi-factor authentication and DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack prevention provide an additional layer of security that is really important to have. G Suite doesn’t boast these same features, so your company may be at a higher level of risk using their software.


As always with Microsoft, the user experience is paramount. The software available within Microsoft 365 is focused on delivering the best results in the best way for the user.

With workplaces becoming less traditional, there is a need for staff to be able to work and connect together when they’re not geographically close. Cloud-based systems are a fantastic solution to this problem, but you don’t want to rely on them alone. With 365, you’re able to work both online and offline with Microsoft 365. If there are any mishaps with documents, you can simply revert to a previous version.

The Microsoft service experience

There’s no other way to say it – Microsoft is an industry leader. A household name in IT, there’s no one who doesn’t know who they are. Google has become a leading competitor, but they’re still lacking the experience that Microsoft has honed over nearly 50 years.

Whether you’re a two-person team or have thousands of staff, you can rely on tried and tested software that’s being used the world over. Their systems have been built over decades of learning about their customers, as well as creating operating systems currently being used by over 1.4bn people. That’s a name you can trust.

Familiarity is worth A LOT

If you added up all the minutes in the day that you copy, pasted and formatted a document without having to think about it – you’d be very surprised.

By using software such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel, you’re not just using programs that are best in class. You’re using software that most of the population learned their trade on.

Regularly updated, but using the same layout you’re accustomed to, these programs are tools that people know and love. Whether it’s saving you time, removing stress from your day or simply preference – working with Microsoft 365’s software is unrivalled.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

For home offices and on-the-road staff, Microsoft Teams became invaluable in 2020/21. Using Microsoft 365 means you can integrate with Microsoft Teams calling and have a full portfolio of products that all talk to each other. The more integrations, the easier your day.

Teams usage continues to grow, showing that it’s seen off competition and is securing its place as the leading video calling platform used by businesses all over the globe.

Ready for the switch?

For some people, G Suite is the right choice. But as an organisation, we believe there’s no alternative to Microsoft 365.

Ready to make the switch? It needn’t be a headache. We can make it happen with minimal input from your staff and get you working on advanced, integrated systems in no time.

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