Teams phone system and home working – stay connected

With the workplace in limbo once again, it brings a shedload of stresses that are filling the plates of business owners. The last thing you need? A communications breakdown. Staff not able to talk to each other, dodgy signals on calls and missed meetings.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to futureproof your communications and keep your business talking, wherever they’re working. The Teams phone system is here to save the day.

The world of work is changing – again.

With no sign of the work from home rules changing, it seems hard to plan for the next week, month and year. You might be thinking about how your staff will stay in touch, how your systems can continue to operate and, broadly speaking, what the future holds for your team.

As a business owner, worrying about your communications will detract you from your actual aim – getting on top of your workload and growing your business. You can choose a Teams calling phone system and help keep your employees’ ship steady.

What is a Teams Phone System?

Microsoft Teams phone systems can keep your staff in touch, whenever and wherever. The integrated systems are user-focused, with an emphasis on reliability and ease of use.

By combining traditional telecoms and modern technology, your business benefits from a unified communications system. Calls can be made internally, externally and worldwide, benefitting from advanced call logging, re-routing and recording capability.

Integrate your existing address book and CRM system to provide a single platform that monitors all communications inside and outside of your business.

Keeping you connected – no matter the location

Your Microsoft Teams phone system allows for a better grasp of your communications, keeping your team in contact whatever the government guidance or working situation may be.

Easy to use and available on desktop, tablet and mobile, your staff will be able to utilise everything they’re used to from their desk, home office or pretty much anywhere.

If you’re going back to WFH, or already have, you’ll be looking for a phone system that works. This is just that system.

Be ready for whatever the future of your working day holds

With our UK based experts, decades of telecoms experience and a down to earth approach, we’re confident that we are the telecoms company that you’ve been waiting for.

Talk to us today and get the communications system that’s built for the office, home and anywhere else you need it.