Using Microsoft Teams as a Softphone: Move your business communications up a gear

Whilst staff are slowly starting to trickle back into office spaces across the country, many businesses are adapting to their new flexible patterns or even ditching the office altogether.

Keeping your staff in touch deserves to be a priority. Whatever size the workforce and whatever your office ends up looking like – having a consistent platform for your communications in the midst of a changeable working environment is worth its weight in gold.

But communicating internally, externally and globally with the click of a mouse? That’s priceless.

Microsoft Teams and your business communications

If your business is no longer based in one location – you need a phone system that provides consistency and won’t let you down. And if you’re coming back to the office post-lockdown – there’s never been a better time to upgrade your infrastructure.

Microsoft Teams phone system has seen a huge growth in users since the pandemic, becoming a mainstay for businesses globally. The platform has been used by some in lieu of their traditional desk phones, but some companies have opted to simply use Microsoft Teams as a softphone.

What’re the benefits for your business?

Your business stands to gain from using Microsoft Teams as a softphone almost immediately.

Using a cloud-based solution such as Microsoft Teams calling allows you to access your communications across desktop and mobile, on the go or in the office.

By using a digital system, you can rely on Wifi connections to give you crystal clear calls, access advanced call tracking metrics and even record important calls. That means no more post-it notes, transferred calls or loss of important messages.

Affordable pricing allows for you to use this system in tandem with your traditional phone desk and not have to break the bank.

Ready for the switch?

Setting up your business to use Microsoft Teams as a softphone will rejuvenate the way your team communicates. Elementel are specialists in helping businesses talk, no matter where they are.

If you aren’t already using a unified communication system, our team would love to help you explore the options available for your business, including the new Operator Connect technology.

We provide bespoke solutions and packages built for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and at a more affordable price than Microsoft’s own plans. Contact our team today.