VoIP integrations: Making Your Business Phone System Work with Your CRM

If you’ve made the leap to VoIP, you’re probably already seeing the benefits. But – many people forget the power of integrating their new phone system with their CRM.

This can save time, money, and increase efficiency within your team by a huge percentage. It’s a win that your business can’t afford to miss out on.

ElemenTel provides the option of CRM setup to all their customers upon installation, but if your provider hasn’t – we’re here to help.

Let’s assess what your business stands to gain from a CRM integration.

What is a CRM integration?

If you’re a user of Hubspot or one of the other large CRM platforms, you’ll understand the power they can bring to businesses. They save time, keep your customers all in one place and allow you to offer better customer service along the way.

Now, by combining that with a VoIP phone system supercharges that efficiency and gets even more out of your team.

Put simply, a CRM integration with your phone system is a connection that triggers certain events and allows each system to talk to one another. This means your CRM can track calls that come in, record calls, log call history, automatically recall client information and much more.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of combining your phone system and CRM system could be huge. Immediately, you will see better productivity and efficiency from your team thanks to faster processes that are automated for you.

You’ll be able to know who is calling, your call history and the value of a customer the moment the phone rings. This allows for more personalised customer service and client interaction, with your team able to recall information from previous communication in a few clicks. Your customer data will also be updated in real-time during the call.

Your business will also likely save costs over time, thanks to the time your team will save on administrative tasks. They’ve got more important things to do – and now you can let them do them.

What CRMs does VoIP work with?

Our Microsoft Teams phone systems can be integrated with nearly all major CRM platforms. The versatile systems mean they can talk to other platforms and programmes to streamline your processes and reduce admin time.

Want to start working smarter?

Combining your phone system and CRM isn’t possible with old phone systems. Whether you’ve already upgraded or are considering a new phone system, we’d love to talk to you.

There’s only one thing stopping you from achieving all of the benefits we’ve spoken about. Our team have installed and overseen thousands of new phone systems all over the South of the UK.

As a bonus – in the unlikely event anything goes wrong, you’ll be able to get instant support from our experts on a direct line with your business.

Ready to get started? Give us a call now.