VoIP Phone Systems for Business – 4 Reasons Why You Should Switch

VoIP Phone systems are becoming more and more popular with businesses across the UK. Why we hear you ask? Well, there are several considerable benefits to VoIP phone systems, in particular for business, compared to the traditional analogue set-up. 

With that, let’s take a look at four reasons why you should switch to a VoIP Phone system for your business.  

1) Saves Money

VoIP Phone Systems are great at saving your business money. How? Well, unlike your traditional telecoms set-up, VoIP Phone Systems don’t require a dedicated network to run on. Many companies are already taking advantage of VoIP phone systems. Running on your internet connection, VoIP Phone Systems are cost-effective and easy to set-up.

Not only that, but the actual cost of making a call is much cheaper with a VoIP Phone System, and businesses across the UK have been taking advantage of this to help keep their monthly bills down.

2) Flexibility

VoIP Phone Systems are highly flexible and can adapt to your businesses needs. You can tailor a VoIP Phone system for your business, in-line with any requirements you may have.

Got a new starter? Perhaps somebody is leaving? Or maybe an employee is moving to a different office? With VoIP, you can quickly move, set-up and remove handset extensions, with no complicated & confusing procedures. Can’t say fairer than that, right?

3) Functionality

So it’s all well and good having a phone system which is flexible and saves you money, but what if I told you VoIP Phone Systems are also more functional then a traditional telecoms set-up? Well, thanks to the Wildix Phone System, you’ve never been able to get more functionality out of your telecoms.

Now, I’m not going to go into much detail about all of these features; otherwise, we would be here all day! With call logging, call recording, on-hold marketing and database integration – your VoIP phone system can do a lot for your business to improve efficiency and make daily working life more comfortable. Check out our blog to see in more detail how much of a benefit these features are for any industry.

4) Supports Remote Workers

Now onto the final reason why you should switch to a VoIP phone system for your business; VoIP supports remote working. How? Well, as VoIP phone systems are incredibly easy to set-up, for many companies, it’s been business as usual on the phones. Employees using VoIP have easily been able to set-up extensions from their home. In fact, with the Wildix Collaboration app, remote-workers don’t even need a handset! 

The Wildix Collaboration App allows you to take, make and transfer calls from pretty much any device on the market. Personally, I’ve been using the Wildix App on my laptop to make and receive calls, and it’s been a dream. As soon as we receive an inbound call, a notification pops up in the top right-hand corner of the screen, allowing you to answer, reject or transfer the call. It’s as simple as that. 

I think we can both agree, there are a load of benefits to VoIP Phone Systems, particularly for business. If you want to find out more about how a VoIP Phone System can help your business, give our expert team a call on 01794 339 339 to see how we can help.


VoIP Phone System for Business, provided by Wildix.