Wildix – The First and Only Browser Based Unified Communications and VOIP PBX

Perhaps the most important and unique feature of the Wildix telecommunications solution is that it is entirely browser-based.  This means that Wildix Collaboration is accessible via a browser on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone without the need to install any software.  Wildix Collaboration is accessible on both the IOS and Android platforms.  It’s interface and thus the user experience is identical whichever way you access it.  Wildix Collaboration is therefore accessible anywhere in the world and on any device, all you need is internet access and your login details. Accessibility does not deny security and Wildix Collaboration is not only fully accessible but is also completely secure.

Wildix Collaboration thus allows for a seamless user experience across multiple platforms.  This allows your employees and colleagues to communicate in a fast, convenient and more importantly secure way using Wildix.  Wildix Collaboration is intuitive and simple to use and simply by logging on via their browser employees can join a conference, make a call or video call (both of which can be recorded), screen share their desktop, send a reminder, monitor the presence status of colleagues, contact each other via chat, send virtual post-it notes and much more, all from a Wildix system. It really is that simple.  The use of a web interface permits the Wildix system to accommodate new technologies and meet all current and future communication needs.

If you wish to discuss the benefits that Wildix can bring to your business, please contact our sales department on 0330 024 8998 or sales@elementel.co.uk.