Wildix Phone Systems for Veterinary Practices

Looking for a new phone system for a Veterinary Practice? Don’t want to break the bank with extortionate monthly bills and long contracts? ElemenTel’s Wildix phone system is the perfect solution for Vets all over the United Kingdom.

We’ve all been there. You’re having an incredibly busy morning and the phone calls won’t stop coming. Whilst you are busy serving a customer you hear the phone ring out and you can’t quite make it to the call. Now, normally this would be a big issue as you could be missing an important call about a sick pet or injured animal. However, with the Call Logging feature ElemenTel’s Wildix business phone system provides as standard, this is a problem of the past. Every single inbound & outbound call to the Veterinary practice will be logged and you’ll also be sent an alert via email or mobile to ensure you can get back to every single individual calling in.

Veterinary Practices are also a massive beneficiary of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), which is another feature which comes as standard with ElemenTel’s Wildix business phone systems. Why keep your phone and computer apart when they can do so much more together? Veterinary practices are constantly in contact with new and returning customers over the phone. With CTI and database integration as soon as a call is received, customer details will immediately appear on your computer screen – allowing you to offer a personal service by greeting customers by their name when they phone in.

What’s more, database integration allows you to instantly bring up all information you have on file for that particular customer and their pets. Let’s put this into context; One of your regulars to the practice, Jack, is calling in about his dog. Jack is in a bit of a panic as his dog is feeling rather unwell and is in need of professional advice. Instead of having to give all of his details, which can be a long-winded process, Jack is reassuringly greeted by his name & all the information about his poorly pet is immediately available to the veterinary operative. This allows the person handling the call to offer fast & precise medical advice, offering the best possible care for the poorly pooch.

It doesn’t stop there; There are a whole host of features provided by ElemenTel’s Wildix Business Phone Systems which are a huge benefit for Vets. An AT&T study has shown that 70% of customer callers will be placed on hold at some point during a call & if no message is playing whilst the customer is on hold 88% of people will hang up!  Maybe you are on the phone & have to check the calendar to book in an appointment, dealing with an emergency situation in the practice or even just need to transfer a call to another team member – These are all situations in which a caller may need to be placed on hold. And if you don’t have a message playing, do you really want 88% of callers to hang up on you?

With ElemenTel’s On-Hold-Marketing, (OHM), you have the opportunity to give customers useful information such as the vets opening hours or even the busiest periods for the phone lines. The versatility and functionality of OHM for Veterinary Practices is immense.

This is just the start: If you want to find out more about any of these features mentioned or many others, such as Call Recording or On-Screen-Dialling, give ElemenTel a call on 01794339339 and we can begin your transition to the most cost-effective and feature-rich phone system on the market, perfect for Veterinary Practices.

ElemenTel has multiple Veterinary Practices as customers who are successfully using the Wildix phone system to their advantage.