Virtual Phone System: The Wildix Solution

  • What is a Virtual Phone System?
  • Virtual Phone System for Care Homes
  • Virtual Phone System for Vets 
  • Virtual Phone System for IT Services

The world, as we know it, is changing. Businesses around the globe are adapting to challenging new measures to survive the COVID-19 crisis. Social interaction is limited; it’s not as simple as just ‘going to work’ through these unprecedented times.

With the drastic impact the pandemic is having on everyone, ElemenTel is proud to have a Virtual Phone System which is accessible and beneficial for all. 

What is a Virtual Phone System?

A Virtual Phone System enables your staff to work from home, without the need to come into business premises. Communication is a core function of any business and ElemenTel can help out in these troubled times with a Virtual Phone System from Wildix. It’s vital to keep your staff connected internally, and most importantly, with your customers. 

Virtual Phone System for Care Homes

It’s crucial to only have the necessary keyworkers operating on businesses premises. ElemenTel’s Remote Phone System has already helped several care homes reduce the amount of face to face contact their heroic team have with each other, minimising risk to residents. Many care homes have a dedicated receptionist on the front desk responsible for inbound calls and dealing with vital pieces of medical information. With a Wildix system, care home receptionists can work remotely and still fulfil their essential duty as though they were at the working premises. Care home receptionists can even divert calls to suitable departments from their home, while also having the ability to record calls. Call recording ensures no critical medical information is lost. A real solution which can help protect brave keyworkers who are the most vulnerable. 

Virtual Phone System for Vets

The Wildix solution for Vets helps provide essential medical advice for people and their pooches throughout the lockdown. A traditional business phone system often requires technical knowledge and understanding to set up due to the complicated nature of the system. A Wildix solution allows your practice to easily set-up for remote working. Check out our guide for transitioning to remote working. Our solution lets your Veterinary team handle calls from home with minimal disruption to your usual service. Calls are easily transferable between staff members so those phoning in seeking urgent advice can quickly be diverted to the appropriate person to help with the situation.

Virtual Phone System for IT Companies

Arguably, the biggest beneficiary of the Wildix solution is for IT businesses and services. Many companies such as web development, web design and marketing agencies rely on keeping a close relationship with their customers to achieve optimal results. Due to social distancing measures, preserving and strengthening these relationships is becoming increasingly difficult. ElemenTel can help. If you are having trouble keeping your team connected to your customers, we can remotely deploy a fully functional and cost-effective business phone system to all of your staff members. Your staff can host video conference calls directly from the Wildix phone system with clients and colleagues alike. Additionally, all your staff are contactable on one phone number, no matter their location, making it easier for customers to reach out to you. 

ElemenTel’s Virtual Phone Systems have already helped many businesses transition to remote working conditions. To find out more, please contact Elementel on either or 0330 024 8998.