Working from Home Revolution – Is this Just the Start?

2020 has been a bit of a crazy one. Cast your minds back to January, and there was all the hysteria about a possible World World Three outbreak. In February, Australia was on fire with bushfires causing widespread destruction across the country. And then a couple of months later, humanity faced its biggest challenge in decades in the wake of the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. If that’s not enough, the tragic events in Beirut have solidified 2020 as being one of the trickiest years in living memory.

Through this, individuals around the globe have had to adapt to home working conditions due to the imposed corona-lockdown. But what does this mean for working life moving forward? Let’s take a look.

Changing times

The pandemic has had a drastic impact on all areas of ‘normal’ life. Forgotten your mask at the shop and had to go back home? Check. Lost track if it’s a Monday or a Sunday? You’re not alone.

If you weren’t on furlough over recent months, chances are you have been working from home. We recently put together this useful guide on transitioning to a remote working set-up, you should check it out if you’re looking for a smoother ride when home working.

Dubbed the working from home revolution, it seems remote working advocates are finally getting their way with many individuals undertaking their regular working duties from home. The point is; this genuinely might be the new way of working. Who’d have thought we would ever miss the office, ey?

Is Office Culture dead?

Short answer? Yes. It would appear the end is firmly on the horizon for the typical 9-5 working way, which has become synonymous with British culture over recent years. We hate to say it as we love coming into buzzing office on a Monday, but if you can do your job from home, you should. Here are a few key benefits of remote working:

  • Saves you money from commuting to the office every day
  • Saves your boss money on daily running costs of the office
  • Protects the planet by reduced carbon emissions from commuters

Nobody likes commuting. It’s essentially just an unpaid extension of your working day. So as I’m sure you’ve realised over recent months, home working allows you to have that extra 30 mins in bed that we all so badly crave. Not only that, but it saves you money on commuting costs, saves your boss money on office/facilities costs and most importantly, helps combat global warming by reducing your carbon footprint. What’s not to love?

What’s next?

If only we knew. The way 2020 is panning out we wouldn’t be surprised when December comes, pigs start flying, and the fat lady really does start singing. One thing is clear; remote working is here to stay. Health secretary Matt Hancock has even hinted that the right to work from home is going to be more strongly enshrined in law. In fact, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has gone as far to say that employees can carry on working from home ‘forever.’

Yes, it’s sad office culture is on the way out. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and maybe home working isn’t going to be so bad after all…

 Working from home revolution.

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