Yealink Teams Phone: Is it the best solution for your business?

Business phone systems. They have been responsible for keeping businesses talking throughout the pandemic, but have been a vital part of technology infrastructure within offices for decades.

With the rise of digital communications such as Microsoft Teams phone systems, it’s becoming more of a headache for businesses to keep track of their internal and external comms without transitioning to a completely online system. Some staff will prefer the new technology whereas some would rather stick to their business mobile and landline. But what if there was a very happy medium for your business?

The Yealink Teams Phone provides the best of both worlds. Here’s why we think they are the best solution for offices and businesses around the globe.

Streamlined communications made for you

Yealink Teams Phone systems are versatile, simple to use and can be optimised for the exact needs of your business. By combining your traditional phone systems with a Teams calling capable device, you can answer Teams calls from your desk phone, track all of your comms, internal and external, and even record calls. That means no more fumbling around for your headphones when you have an incoming Teams call or wasting time with somebody stuck on mute.

We create personalised plans for each business we partner with which are built around your expected usage and necessary platforms.

Ditch the desk phone? Think again

Sometimes staff are reluctant to abandon what they love. Whether that’s an old phone on the desk or a reliable printer in the office that has always served them well. But updating your phones system doesn’t have to be a goodbye to tradition.

As well as making your communications simple and combining everything into one easy-to-use platform, your staff will be able to utilise this latest technology from one single Yealink Teams Phone system at their own desk. No faff or multiple different systems on your computer, mobile and email.

Unique in its design as well as technology, the Yealink Teams Phone blends the traditional desk phone with the VOIP softphone technology which is becoming more commonplace in modern businesses across the globe.

So – what’re you waiting for?

Elementel has installed and managed hundreds of Yealink Teams Phone systems for clients all across the country. Contact us today to find out how we can help your office communicate with ease.

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