What is a Hybrid Phone System and How Do They Work?

You might have heard a lot about hybrid phone systems before now. It might sound like a specialist concept – but actually, they’re rather common in workplaces across the UK.

As with a lot of technology, there’s often more conversation loaded with confusing jargon and complex terminology – and not enough focus on how they work, and why you might want to use a hybrid phone system.

Our job is to help our clients understand hybrid systems and what they can do for their businesses.

What is a hybrid phone system?

Hybrid phone systems offer a combination of traditional phone systems and Voice over IP technology (VoIP). Regular phone systems offer the advantages of ISDN line connections, but VoIP allows for increased flexibility and insight offered by connected cloud features.

They are often a great choice for businesses, big and small, as they offer cost-efficient solutions to upgrade existing communications infrastructure and make the transition to VoIP seamless, reducing administrative burdens and business risk.

What are the benefits of using a hybrid phone system?

As you might expect, by offering features from two different styles of phone systems, hybrid models provide a catalogue of benefits that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Call recording

Upskill your staff, train new starters or just review your existing protocols with advanced call recording on your hybrid phone system.

Voicemail and email integration

With the help of the digital system, you can provide a better answering system for clients.

Whether you’re out of the office for the day or attending a meeting, these systems include the ability to record the message, transmit it through email, or even have it converted to text, allowing you to access it even if you are not using the system.

Call waiting

A hybrid phone system can connect your customers and other incoming callers with a receptionist or, if they are busy, send them to another number or voicemail.

This increases customer retention and doesn’t let new leads slip through the gap.

Call transfers

This is a feature available on a lot of modern phone systems, but integrations with cloud systems allow for even greater versatility. A cloud dashboard enables you to transfer calls between mobile, desktop and desk phone devices.

What are the other options for your business?

There is always the option of sticking with your traditional phone system. Whilst it may be doing a good job, we believe you’d be closing your business off from all the new opportunities that other businesses are utilising thanks to advances in telephony technology.

If you’re already using a VoIP system of Microsoft Teams calling system in your workplace, the switch to a hybrid phone system may not be recommended.

The best advice is always to talk to a telecoms company who are able to provide bespoke advice for your business. ElemenTel takes the time to understand your business requirements and provide a solution that is tailored to your team and your operations set up.

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