What is a PBX phone system and how does it work?

PBX phone systems. It might be a phrase you’ve heard before – or you may have never heard of it at all.

That’s why we’re here to help explain exactly what they are and how they can help your business.

SPOILER: It’s nothing to do with peanut butter!

What is a PBX phone system?

PBX stands for private branch exchange and is a term that covers multiple different types of phone systems found within organisations. These business phone systems can make calls internally, externally and globally depending on the network they’re using.

Operating using either VoIP or analogue or digital lines, a PBX phone system is a versatile option for businesses looking to upgrade their communications. Incoming lines can be split into multiple lines, allowing for support for more phone systems across your workplace.

How does a PBX phone system work?

As discussed, there are three variations of a PBX phone system available – analogue, digital and cloud-based.

Analogue uses a PSTN network, however, these are rarely used in modern workplaces. Digital PBX uses your internet connection to make calls, as well as offers more intelligent features that a traditional phone line can’t. A cloud PBX is another digital system that operates entirely over the cloud. Rather than using a server, the software is maintained in the cloud, meaning users can benefit from all the intuitive functionality of a PBX system with the added benefit of allowing much more flexibility for employees.

What are the benefits of a PBX phone system?

Cloud-based PBX systems are a modern solution to modern problems that offices face. They offer flexibility that staff can benefit from wherever they’re based, with basic business telephony as well as a range of additional features.

These extra features can include integrations across multiple devices, CRM integrations and Microsoft Teams integrations. With a digital system, you’ll also benefit from automatic maintenance and software updates as a part of that regular cost.

There is a cost-efficiency to using PBX systems, too, with one provider requiring only one monthly bill that covers all aspects of your unified communications system. This is often considerably better value than older systems.

Why use Elementel to install a PBX phone system

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