Wildix visit ElemenTel – A Platinum Partner Showcase!

In February 2019 ElemenTel were recognised as Wildix’s top partner of the year in 2018, and since then our partnership with Wildix has gone from strength to strength as we introduce our customers to Wildix’s industry leading unified communication suite of products.

Given our success, Wildix wanted to capture our journey and utilise ElemenTel’s story to inspire other telecommunications resellers to join Wildix’s expanding ecosystem of partners.

The Wildix team visited our office on Monday 18th November with a film crew in order to produce a video to showcase ElemenTel’s journey to Platinum Partners in the UK. Here’s how it happened

Ian Rowan and Alla Daleko from Wildix HQ arrived at 9am and Martin Jupp, Sales Director expressed the feeling in the office:

“It’s an exciting time at ElemenTel HQ, with our team growing rapidly, and our Wildix users growing with us, it has been a huge achievement to become Wildix’s Top Partner of the Year in 2018, and already in 2019 we are among Top Platinum Partners after joining the Wildix family only in June 2018.”

ElemenTel and Wildix discussed the exciting times ahead and the development and growth of this strong partnership. The film crew arrived late morning and began filming with Martin Jupp, Sales Director, who, with a wealth of Telecoms experience has spearheaded our partnership with Wildix and has been integral in developing ElemenTel to Platinum Partnership status.

ElemenTal staff being interviewed in office environment

The film crew then turned their attention to Paul Farr, head of our technical team to discuss how he has transitioned his team and our customers to this new browser based unified communications and VOIP PBX.

Wildix Staff Member being interviewed in office environment.

Next, Ian Rowan from Wildix took the chair and was interviewed on how the relationship between Wildix and ElemenTel has grown. Filming was wrapped up with a virtual tour of our brand new offices.

collage of images showing Wildix and ElemenTel Staff being interviewed, building pictured to the left.

We have had a fantastic day catching up with Wildix and being filmed as part of their Partner Showcase! We can’t wait to see the finished product and will of course share this with you. Watch this space!

Cat Scott & Ceri Stafford