5 benefits of unified communications for small business

A world where all of your emails, calls and instant messaging are in one place. Thanks to unified communications packages like ours, that world is already here.

If you aren’t already aware, unified communications platforms allow businesses to manage every part of their internal, external and global communications from within one platform. For example, our Microsoft Teams calling package that offers teams, VoIP calling and instant messaging too.

There are countless reasons why businesses need to upgrade from their existing traditional desk phones. We’ve collated 5 reasons that you need to consider a unified communications package for your business.

Streamlined communications

All of your comms are combined within one easy-to-use interface. That’s internal, external and global. Your users can switch between channels without having to faff and that’s going to save time every single day. In fact, a report by Forrester found that workers can save 15 minutes a day just by using a unified communications platform.

Working over VoIP, you’re also going to benefit from a better, more stable connection that won’t upset your staff or your clients.

Flexibility that allows fast scaling

The pricing and packages available for unified communications systems are very affordable for businesses. Whatever the size, you can choose a solution that is not only optimised for your needs but prepared for whatever your needs may be in the future.

Adding team members, integrating new clients and extra add-ons can be completed with ease by a professional. This means when you invest in a bespoke solution for your business, it’s there for the long term and will continue to support your growth as time goes on.

Advanced integrations

Integrations within your platform can help save valuable time and resources. Alongside this, your staff will also benefit from spending less time on admin and more time doing their actual work. Pretty useful, we’d say!

These integrations can remove the need for notes on a messy desk or hunting through texts, emails and WhatsApp threads to find a piece of information. They’re all in one place and easy to find.

Perfect for remote or hybrid working

Whether you’re back in the office or you’ve stayed working from home, your team can keep in touch. With one app over desktop, tablet and mobile, it’s never been simpler to keep your staff talking when they’re needed most.

If you’ve got a team who are also on the road, they’ll still be able to tap into calls, data and message threads from their mobile. This is a truly unique way of letting staff take the office with them, no matter where they are.

Reduced costs, better service

Partnering with Elementel for your unified communications system means you get to benefit from industry-leading technology paired with inimitable, local support. We can often offer packages at a better price than going direct to Microsoft.

Working with a local support company for the installation and management of your new system means you’re talking directly to the same people who put the system in place. If something goes wrong, we’re better equipped to handle it than anyone else.

Ready to join the communications revolution?

If you aren’t already using a unified communication system, our team would love to help you explore the options for your business.

We provide bespoke solutions and packages built for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and at a more affordable price than Microsoft’s own plans. Contact our team today.