What’s the Best Phone System for Estate Agents?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are on the lookout for a new phone system for your estate agents. But what is the best phone system for estate agents we hear you ask? It’s important to make an excellent first impression with any potential clients and the best phone system for estate agents, can help you achieve this and so much more.

First Impressions Count

As you’ll know from a properties kerb appeal, first impressions really do count. Translate this over to an inbound call to your busy agency office – from the moment the phone rings, you need to be levelling up from the other estate agents in your patch. One bad call can be the difference between listing a flagship property on the popular road you’ve been after for months or getting a crappy review.

The best phone system for estate agents can completely transform your customer service, from initial consultation to final negotiation. Sounds good, right?

What Makes the Best Phone System for Estate Agents?

The best phone system for estate agents needs to be cost-effective, flexible, but above all else, highly functional. The Wildix solution ticks all of these boxes and more. From call logging to CTI, let’s take a closer look at how the best phone system for estate agents can help you.

Call Logging for Estate Agents

We always try our hardest to get to every call. That’s a fact. It’s likely you and your colleagues can take inbound calls 95% of the time, but what about the rare occasion you don’t pick up the line in time? How are you going to get back to that potential enquiry

85% of people with unanswered calls won’t try again, and with voicemails being a thing of the past, they will likely call your competitor down the road. Nobody wants that.

Call logging does precisely what it says on the tin. It creates a log of all inbound and outbound calls to your estate agency, and when you do finally get a minute spare, you can get back to every single missed enquiry. What’s not to love?

CTI for Estate Agents

Why keep your phone and computer apart when they can do so much more together? CTI stands for ‘computer telephony integration’ which is a bit of a mouthful but can help take your customer service to the next level. The Wildix phone system for estate agents allows your computer to integrate with your telecoms seamlessly.

It’s always lovely to be greeted by name when you phone into a business, right? With CTI, the instant a call is made into your office, the customer’s name and details will immediately appear on your screen. CTI allows you to greet the client by their name, demonstrating an exceptional level of personalised customer service.

This is all just the start. If you want to find out more about these features or many more, give our expert team a call on 01794 339 339, and we can bring you a simpler, smarter estate agent phone system, as well as a lower monthly bill.

Man using the best phone system for estate agents.