Broadband and Leased Line Connection: What’s the difference?

There’s a lot of jargon in our world. But most people have heard of broadband, that’s a given! Leased line connections, however, are still not a household name. Many businesses are missing out on a better way of working, just because they don’t know enough about what a leased line is and what it can do for them.

A leased line is a dedicated data connection for your business. Leased relates to the connection that is rented by the Internet Service Provider directly to a business. As a result, you gain a service that is head and shoulders above your traditional broadband provider.

If you’re considering upgrading your communications infrastructure, we’ve laid out some reasons to consider a leased line connection instead of traditional broadband.

Connection speeds

Broadband connections traditionally are shared with many other users, meaning you’re subject to peak periods and all the problems that entails. It can impact your meetings, slow down your streaming or just outrightly ruin your day!

Faster speeds equal quicker downloads and uploads, alongside more responsive cloud-based activity and much-improved connection on those vital Microsoft Teams calls.

With a leased line connection, you’ll benefit from dedicated speeds thanks to your business’ private connection. You’re paying for bandwidth that is only usable by your business, meaning you’ll get the advertised speeds you’ve signed up for. For companies working in high-intensity data environments, this is essential.

For businesses, reliability is a priority. We’ve all been worried about email inboxes going down, phone systems being taken offline and productivity going through the floor as a result. This most commonly is a result of unreliable broadband lines that are old, taking extra stress or simply not capable of handling your demands.

For our leased line connection clients, we install new lines with brand new cables and equipment, all up to date and optimised for your environment. Your line is regularly monitored for outages or issues by a team of professionals, meaning that should you experience any downtime, you won’t have to wait long for it to be fixed. It is our priority to ensure our leased lines are always running at their best.


It still uses the same fibre optic technology as some broadband providers, however, a leased line is unique to your business. Your connection to the ISP is your own and not shared with thousands of other users.

This guarantees uptime no matter how busy an ISP is. You’re not going to struggle from slower connections at peak times and can work to your full capacity whenever you need to.


Moving from a broadband connection to a leased line is going to increase costs, that’s a given. But the additional features and benefits you’re going to receive are well worth the cost – and will likely transform the way you use the internet within your business.

Whilst broadband connections are very affordable, they do come with many faults. As we’ve covered, if a business is trying to avoid these problems and work at a higher level with greater efficiency and consistency, then a leased line connection is certainly worth considering.

Thinking about a leased line connection for your business?

Working closely with clients and understanding their IT infrastructure is a top concern for Elementel. As a result, we can become fully aware of both your company’s strengths and areas where it might improve.

We can assess if a leased line is the most efficient and economical choice and, if required, collaborate with you to offer alternatives that will meet your needs.

Our team is standing by to support your business by answering any questions or queries you may have. We’re just a phone call away, so get in touch now.