Microsoft Teams Phone System – Is it good for mid-size companies in 2022?

Your business is continuing to grow. But you’re still using the same old phone systems you’ve had for years and years.

You know it’s time to upgrade, but where do you look? There are so many options for business phone systems it can be hard to know what the best solution will be for your organisation.

If you’re a mid-size company, we’d recommend trying out the Microsoft Teams Phone System. This blog explains why it’s the best choice for your business and your people.

What is a Teams Phone System?

Microsoft Teams phone systems allow your workers to remain in contact at all times and locations. The integrated systems put a strong emphasis on user-friendliness and dependability.

Your company gains from a unified communications system by fusing conventional telecoms with technology innovations. Advanced call logging, re-routing, and recording capabilities enable calls to be placed both domestically and internationally.

Integrate your current CRM and address book to create a centralised platform that keeps track of all communications both inside and outside of your company.

How they work

Using the latest technology from Microsoft, our Teams phone systems allow you to make calls using VoIP, meaning you’ll get better, more reliable call quality that won’t go down. These phone systems connect your CRM system to pull data from your address book and let you know who is calling as the phone rings. You can quickly access information about your contact, including any notes from your team’s past dealings with them. Utilising Microsoft’s advanced technology, Teams can be used over desktop, tablet and mobile meaning your team can work from wherever, whenever.

Is there a limit to how big your business can be to use a Microsoft Teams Phone System?

Absolutely not! The Microsoft Teams phone system is versatile, scalable and durable. No matter the size of your team, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the system from the moment you start using it. If you’re a team of 10, 100 or 1000 – the Teams calling system can handle whatever you throw at it.

Why you can trust Microsoft – and Elementel

They’ve been leading their industry for decades. Their technology is tested, proven and even now continues to grow in users.

Combined with local support from Elementel, you get the best of both worlds. Their systems are used in offices and homes all over the globe, and our support is essential for businesses all over the South of England.

We’ve got plenty of experience dealing with their systems, and we can ensure your office is running at full capacity at all times.

Ready to get started?

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