The future of Microsoft teams after COVID

2020 saw a change to the business landscape. Some managed to continue, some adapted and some are no longer with us.

But – those who survived have thrived. This has been in part due to the versatility shown by these companies, being able to keep their workforce working, no matter the location.

Microsoft Teams saw a rise to 115 million daily users throughout the initial COVID wave. This then continued to rise up to 145 million daily users at the start of 2021.

But as the world begins to go back to normal, what could be the future of Microsoft Teams after COVID?

The ‘new normal’ and Microsoft Teams

Whilst the shops reopen and businesses move back to the office, there is no sign that the love shown to Microsoft Teams over the last 18 months is waning.

From the family quiz up to the important presentation to the board, the platform has helped us keep in touch with one another and carry on as best we can. Microsoft continues to dominate the field in technological advances and is investing heavily in Teams.

There are continued updates that add new features for every user, including changes surrounding productivity and much more. Regular performance based updates are released too, ensuring you’re always able to make the most of the platform on every device.

The world is returning to normal but Microsoft Teams Calling is here to stay, for individuals and businesses alike.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Teams?

Your business communications can benefit from Microsoft Teams, no matter the size or shape of your organisation.

By having a reliable platform for your team to communicate, you can assure your projects run smoothly from start to finish. No matter where your team is based, they will be able to communicate in a flash, in the office, on the road or at their new home desk.

A fully integrated platform keeps track of your call history, meetings and communications which allow your team to instantly recall notes and meeting plans.

With an infrastructure built by a tech giant, you are guaranteed a simple user experience that your staff won’t struggle to master.

Future proof your business

Whatever the future holds for your business, a rigid communications infrastructure deserves to be a part of it. Microsoft Teams is continuing to grow and is now an invaluable part of businesses all across the globe.

Elementel has installed and managed hundreds of Teams Phone systems for clients all across the country. Contact us today to find out how we can help your office communicate with ease.

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