Business Broadband: Common questions and misunderstandings

We get asked a lot of questions about business broadband. After all, we do know a thing or two.

Business broadband, similar to a lot of technology, is full of jargon, industry terms and mind-boggling acronyms that can often leave business owners feeling confused.

The good news? We’ve got a solution.

This blog gives you questions and answers surrounding business broadband, but if we’ve not answered your question – you know who to contact!

There are places within our office with bad wi-fi signal – how can we fix it?

Wi-fi coverage isn’t always perfect and could be related to the building structure of your offices. There are, however, plenty of solutions for making your wi-fi more reliable and far-reaching.

We’d usually suggest the installation of additional wireless access points across the offices, increasing the range of your signal. The number required will vary on your office – but we’re more than happy to help.

Our current wi-fi is really unreliable

Unfortunately, this is something we hear far too commonly. It can be difficult to know what is causing a WiFi network to be unreliable. Sometimes it’s simply poor installation by your existing provider.

Interference, congestion, or poor configuration are common causes. By calling in the experts to find the problem, it allows the same team to create a bespoke solution for your business.

The wi-fi is working ok – but video calls are slow or glitchy

With the switch to remote working and virtual offices, VoIP systems are becoming commonplace. It also means that video calling from Microsoft Teams and other providers are also essential for many businesses.

Your wi-fi is having to put up with extra bandwidth usage as a result, which can cause a slowing down in overall speeds for users throughout the organisation. If your usage is high enough, you might benefit from switching from standard fibre broadband to a leased line.

Do we need a wired connection with our wi-fi being used more?

Wi-fi has changed the way we access the internet, freeing users up from their desks and allowing for much more flexibility in how we work. With the removal of wired infrastructure, it has also helped organisations save on costs.

However, transitioning to a fully wireless office depends on a few factors. Usually, we’d recommend that people retain wired infrastructure as a backup, but it’s always worth talking to an expert to discuss what is best for your needs.

What is a leased line, and do I need one?

A leased line is a dedicated data connection for your business. Leased relates to the connection that is rented by the Internet Service Provider directly to a business. As a result, you gain a service that is head and shoulders above your traditional broadband provider.

If your business requires intensive data usage over long periods of time, it’s certainly worth considering a leased line connection.

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